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Consumer Unit Replacement in Rettendon

Consumer Unit Replacement in Rettendon

Consumer Unit Replacement in Rettendon

Essex Home Electricians Consumer unit Replacement in Rettendon (FUSEBOX – FUSEBOARD)

The consumer unit is the source and distributor of the different electrical circuits in your property, where the mains power, having passed through the electrical meter, then gets distributed to the different electrical circuits in the building, and hence the electrical accessories eg. sockets, lights etc. Getting the right consumer unit for your needs and the application is very important. We are here to help you get the right consumer unit, to understand how it works and are very happy to install it for you.

Change to modern consumer unit
An old fuseboard is replaced with a modern consumer unit with miniature circuit breakers (MCB) and residual current devices (RCD).

Fitting a new consumer can be quite an involved job, where the power needs to be switched off for a few hours and each circuit connected to its relevant protective device. Both before and after powering up, thorough electrical testing is carried out and recorded as an Electrical Installation Certificate. This is presented to the customer on completion of the job and also submitted to building control. That is why it is imperative the installing of the consumer unit is carried out by a competent electrician who is also a member of a competent person’s scheme (eg. NICEIC).

Get in touch if you notice any of the following:

Burning smells
Tripping circuits
Flickering lights
Buzzing in the walls
Sparking from sockets
Excessive energy bills
Any other electrical issues

We’re experienced in carrying out a wide range of electrical repairs. Some of the most common include:

Nuisance tripping and circuit breakers
Replacement transformers
Repairing broken sockets
Repairs to faulty light fittings
Emergency lighting tests and repairs
Checking door entry systems
Repairs to electric heating systems
Smart home system repairs
Repairing loose connections
Consumer unit replacements (fuse boards)

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